"The standout of the entire show was Danielle Barnum as Eponine. This is how Eponine was made to be played. This is how you always imagined this woman, strong and sad and in love and ignored, braver than anyone else, and smart. Barnum’s performance was so powerful I’m getting shiverbumps just remembering her. While I love Les Mis, I’ve never really cried during a performance. Barnum’s Eponine changed that, drastically, as I pretty much sobbed through the entire second act." -Yay Today

"As the plucky yet doomed Eponine, Danielle Barnum is another MVP of the production, and subtly acts the hell out of her solos." -Talkin' Broadway

"And I must say that the absolute stand outs for the show were the scheming Thenardiers and Danielle Barnum as their lovelorn daughter Eponine. Barnum took her part and gave it a kind of damaged hopefulness and managed a gorgeously heartbreaking rendition of "On My Own"..." BroadwayWorld


"Danielle Barnum gives Bernadette Peters a serious run for the money, and her serious acting chops are vividly demonstrated when she proves to be just as scary without the witch mask as with it. She is literally and figuratively fantastic." --Entertainment News Northwest


"Barnum is stunning as the chorus girl who wants to make it big. her voice is only matched by her hilarity as she puts a whole new spin on the romantic ingenue." -BroadwayWorld

"(The cast, not a weak link among them, includes) the multi-talented rising Seattle star Danielle Barnum as the alternately sexy and apple-cheeked Masha..." -Talkin' Broadway

"What man wouldn't go red for Iron Curtain's lithe firecracker Danielle Barnum?" -Seattle Weekly



“A feminine sensibility as heroic as Elektra, as human as Julia Roberts and as independent as a suffragette. After the overture, a brilliant Danielle Barnum in the title role addresses you directly and in a British accent you are totally unprepared for. Crash, it takes awhile to catch up. But when you do, you put yourself in Barnum's hands and, by journey's end, appreciate the high-mindedness she brings to the role. Barnum's singing and acting justify full attention.”  -The Enterprise



“As the pivotal Roxie Hart, Danielle Barnum is the real deal, a cool blonde charmer with a great voice and solid footwork, and she scores from beginning to end as the scheming Roxie, delivering her solos like "Funny Honey" and "Me and My Baby" with confident sizzle.”

–Talkin’ Broadway

"There is talent to spare in Barnum, who rarely stops moving and finds exemplary moments in "Chicago's" scenes of tweaked, vaudeville pastiche."

-Seattle Times


"The show has one of the best singers in the Seattle area in the lovely Danielle Barnum.  She's gorgeous, with incredible stage presence and a spectacular voice... She has the talent to pull it off.

Barnum has proved herself to be an incredible performer in shows throughout the Seattle area.  Most notably her performance as the main character in "Jane Eyre" at Seattle Musical Theatre was stirring.  So we know she's got the chops, not only singing but acting, to convey this rich and complex character's journey….so if you're a fan of these Webber songs and would like to hear them sung beautifully, then by all means, catch this show." --BroadwayWorld


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