Danielle Barnum

  SAG-AFTRA-AEA           danielle_barnum@yahoo.com   

  Height: 5’5”               Hair: Auburn (currently)              Eyes: Blue             Voice: Soprano w/ Strong Belt                   


Regional Theatre   

Alice                                                     Beatsville                               5th Avenue Theatre Nextfest

Claudia                                                  Nine                                       Showtunes Theatre

Tracy Lord                                             High Society                           Showtunes Theatre                                                                                      Eponine (Gregory Award Nomination      Les Miserables                            Balagan Theatre

Allison/Lauren (u/s), dance captain         First Date                                     5th Avenue Theatre/ACT Theatre

The Witch                                                 Into the Woods                               Mt. Baker Theatre

Allison                                                      First Date (Workshop)                  5th Avenue Theatre/ACT Theatre

Roxie Hart                                                Chicago                                          Seattle Musical Theatre

Masha                                                   Iron Curtain                               Village Theatre

Sister James                                       Doubt: a Parable                         Driftwood Players

Jane Eyre                                                          Jane Eyre (Northwest Premiere)  Seattle Musical Theatre (CLO)

Emma                                                               Tell Me on a Sunday                      ArtsWest Playhouse and Gallery
April                                                                      Company                                                      Seattle Musical Theatre (CLO)
Lily                                                                         The Secret Garden                                       Driftwood Players

Rebecca Steinberg                                                   It Shoulda Been You (reading)                    Village Theatre

Princess                                                    Sundays at Tiffany's (reading)          Village Theatre

New Voices 10                                                       Soloist                                                      ACT/Contemporary Classics

Mayzie La Bird                                                      Seussical                                                  Seattle Musical Theatre (CLO)
Cinderella                                                                Cinderella                                                Livewires
Belle                                                                        Beauty and the Beast                               Livewires
Pam Lukowski                                                        The Full Monty                                       Balagan Theatre
Leslie Gore/Cher/Aretha Franklin                           Beehive, the 60s Musical!                      Highland Summer Theatre
Dolly Tate                                                              Annie Get Your Gun                               Seattle Musical Theatre (CLO)
Caitlin O’Hare                                                        Over the River…Woods                          Merely Players Theatre
The Soprano                                                      The Dickens Carolers (Touring)
            The Dickens Carolers
Mother Duck                                                          The Ugly Duckling (Touring)                 Kiddie Tour 2003
Madeline Monroe                                                Tony and Tina’s Wedding                 Merely Players Theatre
Lily Blue                                                                 Waving Goodbye                                    Andreas Theatre



TNT's "Leverage"                                                    Kristen Knox (Supporting)                  Leverage, INC

“Fetch”                                                                       Dorris (Principal)                                No Plan B Entertainment                                                                                                     "JourneyQuest"                                                           Messenger Elf (Day Player)           Kairos Productions                                                                                                      "Shadowed"                                                                 Sophia  (Supporting)                       Shadowed, LLC                                                    
“The Joneses” (Demi Moore, D. Duchovny)        Sommelier (Day Player)                  Roadside Attractions (Dir. Derrick Borte)
“The Whole Truth” (Elisabeth Rohm)                  Mandy (Supporting)                            Heart Break Productionz   (Dir. Colleen Patrick)
“World’s Greatest Dad” (Robin Williams)            Fantasy Girl/LA Hipster                    Darko Entertainment   (Dir.
Bobcat Goldthwait)
“Forbidden Fruit”                                                   Naomi Olson (Principal)                      Mad Tom Productions
“The Present”                                                         Jamie (Principal)                                  San Diego Asian Film Festival   
“Touchtone Strangers”                                           Sarah (Supporting)                            Before All This, Inc.
“Affinity”                                                                    Mae (Principal)                                      Before All This, Inc.
“Blazing Highlights” Video                                     Hair Model                                           Scruples Salon and Spa


Commercial Acting/Modeling

HIghmark Insurance  Commercial                         Engaged Girl                                Highmark Insurance                                                                                                                   Taco Time Commercial                                          Zumba Dancer/Kickboxer                  Leonard Creative, Inc.
X-box  “One vs 100” Commercial                          Actor/ Game Player                              Southdown Creative Productions                                                                 Holland America Cruises Ind.                     Various Characters                    Cue Line Productions
MoneyTree Commercial                                         Teller                                                     Stevenson Advertising
Microsoft X-Box Concept Video                            Actor (Katie)                                          WattsMedia
Microsoft EPG Humor Video                                 Actor (Valerie)                                       The Edge Creative
Microsoft “Merry Go Round” Music Video           Actor (Juliet)                                            Filmateria
Microsoft “Zune” Commercial                               Karaoke Singer                                       B&G  Modern Media
Microsoft Education Video                                     Actor (Sarah)                                          Integrated Talent, LLC
MTV’s “The Phone” Premiere                               Competitor                                             Justin Timberlake (Ex. Producer)
Johnson & Johnson Commercial                       Actor/Student                                         J & J Media
Vestas Wind Energy Commercial                        Actor/Cashier                                         Vestas Wind Energy
Blue Collar Comedy Segment                             Ron White’s Arm Candy                       Comedy Central
Microsoft “Canon PI” Video                                   Actor/Office Employee                          SemiSweet Presents
See Stok Run Online Promo                                Website Spokesperson                           Animated Equity, Inc.
AAA Billboard/Busboard Advertisement             Bridesmaid                                              AAA
Seattle’s Best’ Wedding Workshop            Bride                                        J. Garner Photography
Blazing Highlights Advertisement                         Hair Model                                             Scruples Salon and Spa
Book Cover/Poster                                                 Faery                                                      J. Corsentino's "Time of the Faeries"
"Last Night On Earth" Board Game                       Amanda the Prom Queen                       Flying Frog Productions                                                        


 BA in Theatre; jazz, ballet, tap and modern dance; classically trained in voice

Special Skills

Monkey/Beagle Impression, Russian/Southern/British Dialect, Gymnastics, Choreography, Very High Battements




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